Employment Fees

Our Fees exclude VAT where applicable.

Consultation Fee                                                                                                        £150-300


The work is undertaken by a solicitor assisted by a caseworker or paralegal.

Our services include giving initial advice, getting opinions from counsel, corresponding with ACAS, and submitting court documents. We also draft the court documents such as ET1 form, particulars of claim/defence, ET3 forms and skeleton arguments.

Our general fees under employment law are stated below:

1.Hourly rate£150-250
2.Deposit required£3500
3.Review of documents and giving opinion£1000
4ACAS Early Conciliation from…£500
5.We will also act if a client has relevant legal cover

A simple case may cost £950. Costs can go as high as £10 000 excluding VAT. Where applicable we may do a no win no fee arrangement.

Once you instruct us, we will be able to give you a tailored quote for you.

On average a case takes around 35 hours to complete.

Our fees do not include disbursements such as counsel fees, expert fees and any other fees/costs incurred in support of the client’s case.

The time frames vary from 1 month to about a year on average in the Employment Tribunal. If matter is in the County court if may take longer and some cases have been known to take as long as 5 years