Commercial Litigation Solicitors – Litigation in Commercial Matters

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25th October 2021
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domestic violence
Are you a victim of Domestic Violence?
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Human Rights Solicitors – Protecting Your Rights
9th November 2021
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Commercial Litigation Solicitors – Litigation in Commercial Matters

Commercial Litigation Solicitors Commercial Litigation lawyers

Award-winning commercial litigation solicitors to advise on your company dispute for a simple fixed fee. Review your dispute, establish prospects & provide a detailed letter of advice. 

If you and your company are fortunate, you and your company will only need to retain the services of a solicitor on a rare occasion. The environment in which you operate, on the other hand, is likely to be intensely competitive, increasing the chance of conflict and the resulting fallout. 

Your working environment is almost definitely very contractual in nature, which enhances the likelihood of contractual violations and conflicts occurring in your organisation.

With a team of highly experienced commercial litigation lawyers on hand at Tann Law Solicitors based in Coventry and Birmingham, we can assist you in a variety of various scenarios that your company may encounter. Our lawyers have a business mindset and are mindful of the factors that most likely impacted your decision to retain us as your legal counsel.

As a result, we recognise that any solutions to your problem should be based on sound business principles. For example, in the case of company debt, spending tens of thousands of pounds pursuing it down if there is no chance of recovering even a single penny makes no sense.

Our mission is to give you and your organisation sound, practical counsel and representation to secure the most significant business outcome possible for you and your organisation. The following are just a few examples of the areas in which we can be of assistance:

Buildings Disputes and Construction Disputes

Tann Law’s Dispute Solicitors are well aware of the dangers that might arise throughout the construction process and the annoyance they can cause. Our expertise allows us to provide sound advice on the most effective tactics for mitigating such risks and, if necessary, dealing with the challenges that arise from those risks becoming a reality.

The bulk of construction and building-related issues, including, but not limited to, the following, are handled by us with considerable experience advising and representing businesses and individuals.

  • Experts in the field of instruction
  • Contract interpretation and formation are essential considerations
  • Conflicts with one’s neighbours.
  • Pre-Action Protocols come in a variety of forms.
  • Negligence on the part of the professional – Professional negligence
  • Bringing and defending actions in the County and High Courts Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) – including mediation

Claims In County Court/High Court

While initiating proceedings should always be a last resort. At Tann Law Solicitors, we will always advise you of your options before commencing litigation court proceedings. Our litigation lawyers are ready to advise you!

Sometimes, even with the best intentions, it is simply necessary to initiate Court proceedings to resolve a dispute, whether a breach of contract or an unpaid invoice. Tann Law’s commercial litigation solicitors has extensive experience with all facets of litigation and claims filing and defence of claims in all civil jurisdictions

We are exceptionally qualified to provide expert guidance on the following topics:

  • Dispute concerning the proceedings or Issue of proceedings
  • Inter-procedural applications
  • Restraining Orders and Injunctions
  • ADR – comprising initial and ongoing negotiations/mediation
  • Small Claims Track, Fast Track, or Multi-Track (depending on the value and complexity of the claim)
  • Pre-Action Protocols that are pertinent 


Our team of professionals is aware of the process’s stresses on businesses and individuals (both financial and emotional). Tann Law’s commercial litigation lawyers are on hand to offer practical, business-focussed advice throughout the process.

Contractual Disputes

You’ve probably signed numerous contracts over the years, most of which will be fulfilled without incident. However, you may have some trouble on rare occasions. This may occur for various reasons: the other party may fail to honour their end of the contract, an invoice stemming from the deal may go unpaid, or you may believe that a contract condition is unreasonable or unjust (to name but a few).

At Tann Law Solicitors, our experienced commercial litigation solicitors legal team is available to help. 

We deliver cost-effective, customised guidance in the following areas:

  • Assurances and Indemnifications
  • Commercial/Business Sales/Purchases
  • Disputes Between Shareholders
  • Trust and Confidentiality
  • ADR
  • Contract formation/interpretation
  •  Contract enforcement
  • The sale of goods and the provision of services
  • Shareholder Contracts

Business Insolvency

Tann Law’s Dispute Solicitors understand that running a business can be challenging and that occasionally the plans you make do not materialise. 

The process of closing a business can be complex and is probably not something you want to do. We can support you in that process, reducing pressure and ultimately preventing your company from entering insolvency.

Similarly, we realise the devastation that a business declaring bankruptcy while owing you money can have, but all is not lost, and there may still be ways to salvage the best possible outcome from a poor scenario. 

Our knowledgeable legal consultants can assist you with the following:

  • Company Winding Up/Dissolution/Petitions
  • Impact of an insolvency legal advice
  • Advising on the most advantageous course of action

Professional Negligence

You will almost certainly employ the services of a professional adviser, and you will almost certainly put your trust in that adviser to operate with the requisite level of care and skill on your behalf. Unfortunately, such advisery specialists are only human, and on rare occasions, they may make a mistake that results in a financial loss or an unfavourable influence on you and your business.

If you find yourself in this situation, Tann Law’s experienced advisers may assist you, as they have experience litigating claims against a wide range of professionals, including solicitors, barristers, surveyors, accountants and professional organisations.

Shareholder Dispute Solicitors

Disputes within your company’s directors and shareholders can be just as damaging to your organisation as external threats. 

We help businesses of all sizes experiencing internal conflict handle complex disagreements between directors, between different classes of shareholders, and between directors and shareholders.

We also understand that disagreements between shareholders and individuals involved in the management of a business can negatively impact your company’s performance. 

Frequently, they must be rectified as quickly as possible while causing the least amount of interruption as feasible. 

Tann Law’s Dispute Solicitors have a wealth of experience in achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients while causing the least amount of disruption potential to their operations.

Partnership and LLP Disputes

Our experts at Tann Law Solicitors have extensive expertise advising and representing clients in all aspects of partnership and LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) conflicts. 

Our litigation lawyers recognise that partnership disputes can be very sensitive and accordingly our commercial litigation solicitors understand that there is the need to observe the highest levels of confidentiality. 

We acknowledge that such disagreements can cause significant damage to your company and may occur due to a long-standing and deep-seated issue. 

We recognise that such disputes must be handled with care to ensure the success of the business and the Partners involved.

Our litigation lawyers can assist you with the following:

Disputes Between Landlords and Tenants

In most cases, the relationship between a Landlord and a Tenant is amicable. However, relationships do occasionally fail for a variety of reasons. 

Tann Law’s litigation lawyers have substantial expertise representing landlords and tenants in various conflicts involving commercial and residential property. 

The following are just a few of the areas in which our knowledgeable legal staff can assist you:

  • Evictions conducted in violation of the law
  • Disrepair and Dilapidations
  • Rent Evaluations
  • Renewal of leases
  • Terminations of leases, including that of service of notices
  • Forfeiture
  • Possession Dispute

Property Disputes Solicitors

Dealing with a property dispute can be stressful and time-consuming. Our property litigation solicitors can assist homeowners, landlords, and tenants in resolving disputes expeditiously.

Fortunately, property purchases and other transactions involving property ownership and leasing are typically uncomplicated and conflict-free. However, this is not always the case. 

At Tann Law Solicitors, we recognise that property-related disputes have ramifications for the businesses involved. Our skilled team is available to advise you on several issues, including the following:

  • Disputes arising from the purchase or sale of property
  • Disputes between landlords and tenants
  • Disputes over Boundary/Property Lines
  • Shared Ownership conflicts – When a situation arises where two or more people share ownership of a property.
  • Easements and Covenants are legal agreements between two parties.
  • Easements and Covenants are legal agreements between two parties
  • Property insurance
  • Planning and Development (P&D)

Why Choose Our Dispute Solicitors and Commercial Litigation Solicitors?

Tann Law Solicitors have the knowledge and experience to assist you in settling your disagreement with the least amount of controversy and stress as is reasonably practicable. We’ll give you sound advice and, if necessary, legal representation. Get In Touch Now To Arrange Your Free No-Obligation Consultation

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