Celebrating Six Remarkable Years with Nyaradzo at Tann Law

Last week, we were elated to celebrate an incredible milestone—it was Nyaradzo’s 6th anniversary at Tann Law, and we couldn’t be prouder or more grateful for her invaluable presence on our team! A Journey of Dedication and Excellence When Nyaradzo joined Tann Law in 2018, she brought with her a blend of dedication, expertise, and […]

An Introduction to Business Law: What Businesses Need to Know

When it comes to business, understanding the legalities involved is not only essential in order to remain compliant. A thorough understanding of the complex legalities involved in running a business can allow business owners to build a solid foundation that will support growth, mitigate risk, and enhance operational efficiency. This article aims to make sense […]

Alternative Dispute Resolution for Family Law: When Should You Pursue It?

Resolving a dispute, particularly when it comes to family, is rarely an easy matter. Emotions can get intense, and it can be difficult to know what route to take. Court hearings allow for an objective judgement to be decided upon by a judge, potentially helping to settle the dispute. However, there is also the option […]

Revised Immigration & Nationality Fees – April 2024

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The table below covers all immigration & nationality fees that have been changed as of the 10th of April 2024. If you have any questions or concerns, you can get in contact by clicking here and our team will be happy to help. Fee Category Old Fee Updated Fee Visit Visa £400 £432 Certificate of […]

Understanding and Accessing Your E-Visa and UKVI Account

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As some of you may know, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has been developing a digital immigration system. One part of these developments is the creation of the e-visa: essentially, a digital record of your immigration status. These e-visas are a step towards streamlining the immigration process, making it easier for individuals to maintain and […]

Gearing Up For UK Law Changes: What You Need To Know

This year has already brought major shifts in the UK’s employment and immigration policies. For example, we’ve already started to see the effects of the new immigration policy implemented on the 11th of March stating that care workers are unable to bring dependents (such as children and partners) into the UK on their visas when […]

Demystifying the Immigration Appeals Process

The immigration process can understandably be intimidating.  The stakes can be high for applicants, whether they’re seeking asylum or trying to rejoin family in a new country. For those in these circumstances, having the status of their residency in the hands of the Home Office can be hard. However, there is always hope that the […]

How Can Employment Law Solicitors Help Your Business?

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Starting and managing a business is a venture full of complexities. This is especially true when considering the legalities involved behind the scenes. Navigating these employment laws can be a daunting task for any business owner or HR professional. From drafting employee contracts to handling disputes and ensuring compliance, the spectrum of responsibilities is vast […]

Tann Law Solicitors sponsors and partners with Trina Gulliver MBE

The Coventry office of Tann Law Solicitors is pleased to sponsor Trina Gulliver, also known as the Golden Girl. This announcement is the result of our company’s commitment to the advancement of women in business.  Trina is among the elite darts professionals with the most accolades. She has ten World Championships to her credit. She has […]