Charity Governance & Structure Service

We assist charities by prioritising integrity, accountability and resilience through effective governance structures and processes.

What You Need to Know

Ensuring effective governance and a well-defined structure are fundamental aspects of running a successful charitable organisation.

Our experienced charities and non-profit solicitors are here to provide expert guidance and legal support to help you establish strong governance practices and a clear organisational structure for your charity.

Why Governance Matters

Good governance is the cornerstone of a well-managed charity.

It involves the processes and structures that an organisation uses to direct and control its activities, making sure they align with its charitable objectives.

Here’s why governance matters:

1. Accountability: Strong governance ensures that your charity is accountable to its beneficiaries, donors, supporters and the public. It helps build trust and confidence in your organisation.

2. Transparency: Transparent governance practices demonstrate openness and honesty in your charity’s operations. This transparency is vital for maintaining your charity’s reputation.

3. Legal Compliance: Governance ensures that your charity complies with all relevant laws and regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues.

4. Efficiency: Well-defined governance structures and processes promote efficiency in decision-making, resource allocation and the achievement of your charitable objectives.

Our Governance & Structure Services

Tann Law Solicitors offers a range of services to support the governance and structure of your charitable organisation:

1. Governance Review: We assess your charity’s existing governance practices to identify areas for improvement. Our solicitors provide recommendations to enhance your governance framework.

2. Governance Training: We offer training sessions and workshops for charity trustees and senior management to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed for effective governance.

3. Governing Document Drafting: Our team can assist in drafting or amending your charity’s governing documents, such as the constitution or trust deed, to ensure they reflect your charitable objectives and comply with legal requirements.

4. Trustee Duties and Responsibilities: We provide guidance on the duties and responsibilities of charity trustees, helping them understand their legal obligations.

5. Conflict Resolution: In the event of disputes or conflicts within your charity, our solicitors offer mediation and conflict resolution services to find amicable solutions.

6. Structural Advice: We assist in structuring your charity to optimise its operations and governance. This includes advice on the roles and responsibilities of trustees, officers, and staff.

7. Compliance Assurance: Our team ensures that your charity adheres to all legal and regulatory requirements, including reporting and filing obligations.

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Why Choose Tann Law?

Choosing Tann Law Solicitors means partnering with legal experts who understand charitable organisations. 

Our charity solicitors specialise in charity law and governance, with a deep understanding of the legal and operational aspects of charitable organisations. 

We tailor our services to meet the specific needs and goals of your charity, providing personalised solutions that are client-focused. Our expertise ensures that your charity remains compliant with all relevant laws and regulations, allowing you to focus on your charitable mission. 

In addition, our mediation and conflict resolution services help resolve disputes within your organisation, fostering a harmonious working environment. We are accessible whenever you need us, ready to assist with governance questions, structural changes or ongoing compliance support. 

At Tann Law Solicitors, we are committed to helping charitable organisations thrive by providing the legal guidance and support they need to achieve their charitable objectives while ensuring legal compliance and accountability. 

Contact us today to strengthen your charity’s governance and structure or address specific governance challenges.


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