General Business Immigration Advice

Businesses are facing a growing need of being able to get skilled workers from across international borders. We provide fast and cost-effective legal solutions to meet your staffing requirement.

Expert Business Immigration Advice

Over the years there has been higher demand from businesses for skilled workers from across international borders. Immigration law has become stricter, making it more difficult for UK businesses to employ migrants to work and reside in the United kingdom.

We provide fast and cost-effective legal solutions to meet your staffing requirement. Our lawyers can help your company comply with complex immigration laws. In addition, we help migrants seeking to invest or start a business in the United Kingdom.

What Company Immigration Issues Can I Face?

Businesses employing migrant workers will need to be sure they have the right sponsorship licence. Applying for and maintaining these licences takes resources and time. Businesses can confront issues if they do not follow the correct processes. 

Our solicitors have a comprehensive understanding of immigration law and a longstanding connection with the Home Office.

Our business immigration team works with companies and people across the UK and overseas. Whether it’s possible to meet face-to-face or not, our staff work closely with you to address your immediate issues in addition to putting plans in place to prevent any future issues.

Immigration laws around Brexit

Immigration laws around Brexit are unsure at this time however changes are likely. We understand that for companies employing people from the EU or EU nationals running companies in the UK this is a remarkably unsettling time.

Our immigration lawyers can evaluate your company and advise the best way ahead to prepare for Brexit. We’ll also assist you and your dependents apply for a permanent residency permit to keep in Britain.

Our Business Immigration Support

We have the expertise to work with all kinds of businesses, ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to large multinational companies through the intricacies of immigration law. 

The immigration process can be stressful, and following the core principles is crucial to prevent penalties or even legal action. We work with you to understand your requirements and place a bespoke strategy in place that protects your organisation and employees.

Our business immigration solicitors are able to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions in the following area:

  • All Tier 2 and Tier 5 applications under the UK points-based system provide business immigration solutions for entrepreneurs, investors, sole representatives and temporary workers.
  • Intra-Company Transfers
  • Arranging and maintaining Sponsor Licences
  • Advising on Sponsors duties and compliance requirements
  • Dealing with Home Office compliance visits
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Choosing Tann Law

When you choose Tann Law Solicitors for general business immigration advice, you benefit from our expertise.

Our team of immigration specialists have extensive knowledge of UK immigration laws and regulations. We provide tailored solutions to meet your organisation’s unique needs, offering practical and effective strategies.

With our guidance, you can rest assured that your business will remain compliant with all immigration-related obligations. 

Partner with us for strategic immigration solutions that support your business goals.

We work as an extension of your team, offering strategic guidance that supports your business goals.

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