Special & General Power Of Attorney

As accredited Commissioners of Oath, we verify the legitimacy of important affidavits, declarations and more so you can progress legal matters without delays.

What You Need to Know

Our expertise ensures that your legal matters can progress smoothly and efficiently, without any unnecessary delays. 

With our reliable services, you can have full confidence in the authenticity and validity of your documents, allowing you to navigate legalities with ease. Trust us to handle your verification needs and experience peace of mind throughout the process.

The Vital Role Of Commissioners

Appointed by the Lord Chancellor, Commissioners of Oath:

  • Witness signatures and swearing of legal statements
  • Verify identities ensuring only rightful parties sign
  • Certify document copies match originals exactly
  • Facilitate foreign court proceedings requiring local affirmations of evidence
  • Notarise powers of attorney authorising designated decision makers

This helps prevent fraud and ensures smooth operations by promoting efficiency and continuity.

What Is The Difference Between General & Special Power Of Attorney?

General Power of Attorneys (POAs) give nominated representatives the authority to make property, finance and health decisions in case the authoriser temporarily loses capacity. 

On the other hand, Special POAs are for specific matters like property sales. Both types need independent authorisation to activate when capacity is lost.

General Power Of Attorney Support

We sensitively guide creators through establishing General POAs should future situations warrant it. 

Our commissioners then impartially verify signatures from authors and trusted appointees – certifying legitimacy so arrangements activate smoothly when needed.

Special Power Of Attorney Support

For isolated decisions, our specialists walk clients through crafting Special POAs narrowly targeting specific matters like business transactions or estate execution. 

We then authorised signatories verifying identities and informed consent.

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Why Choose Our Solicitors?

All our commissioners undergo extensive verification checks and training programs ensuring flawless document witnessing, preventing delays or rejections progressing important legal arrangements and declarations.

When it comes to important legal matters, having reliable and trustworthy solicitors by your side will make the difference. 

At Tann Law Solicitors, we specialise in providing high-quality services for both general and special power of attorney. Our team ensures that your legal documents are properly drafted and witnessed, giving you peace of mind.


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