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Tann Law provides asylum support services in the UK, safeguarding the dignity and safety of individuals fleeing persecution based on factors like race, politics, religion or social group membership.

Understanding UK Asylum Applications

Seeking asylum in the United Kingdom is a humanitarian action that aims to protect individuals fleeing their home countries due to a well-founded fear of persecution based on factors such as their race, political beliefs, nationality, religion or membership in a particular social group. 

The UK government is committed to preserving the dignity and safety of those seeking asylum within its borders. The person has to be in the UK to claim asylum.

How to Apply for Humanitarian Protection in the United Kingdom

If you wish to apply for humanitarian protection in the United Kingdom, you should initiate your application at the point of entry. 

During this process, you must inform the border authorities that you are seeking humanitarian protection due to your fear of returning to your home country.

The asylum application process typically includes the following steps:

Screening Interview

After arriving in the UK, you will undergo a screening interview. During this interview, you will be asked numerous questions regarding your asylum claim. The screening interview should take place on the same day you arrive in the UK or within five days of your claim.

Substantive Interview

If you decide to claim asylum after entering the UK, you must contact the Home Office to schedule a ‘Screening Interview.’ This interview is usually conducted between five and fifteen days following your initial contact. 

The substantive interview aims to gather comprehensive information about your background, reasons for seeking asylum, and any supporting evidence.

Application Registration Card

Upon successful completion of the screening interview, you will receive an Application Registration Card, which serves as your primary identification document during your stay in the UK.

Detailed Interview

Subsequently, you will be invited to participate in a more in-depth and lengthy interview. 

This interview seeks to establish various aspects of your case, including your history, reasons for leaving your home country, and any discrepancies between the information you provided and your supporting documents. 

Interpreters and legal representatives may be present to assist you during this interview.

Review of Interview Record

Following the substantive interview, you and your legal representation, if applicable, should review the interviewer’s record. 

Any necessary amendments or additions to the record to support your case should be made during this phase. Additionally, you may need to submit any additional documentation that was not previously provided but supports your claims.

If your asylum claim is successful, you will be granted humanitarian protection in the United Kingdom, allowing you to remain in the country for five years.

What to Do if Your Application Is Refused

If your asylum application is denied, you have several options:


You can appeal the decision to the First-tier Tribunal by completing the form IAFT-5, typically included with the refusal letter from the Home Office. Your appeal can be based on the grounds that expelling you from the UK would violate the UK’s refugee convention obligations.

Upper Tribunal Appeal

If your appeal to the First-tier Tribunal is unsuccessful, you may appeal to the Upper Tribunal. An appeal to the Upper Tribunal requires authorisation to proceed and should be based on what is referred to as “legal error.”

Further Appeals

There are four levels of appeal: the First-tier Tribunal, the Upper Tribunal, the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court. Our experienced immigration lawyers can provide guidance and assistance throughout the appeals process.

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Why Choose Tann Law for Your UK Asylum Application?

Our dedicated team of immigration lawyers specialises in offering the necessary expertise and support to guide you through this challenging journey.

With our in-depth knowledge of immigration law, we ensure that your asylum application is handled with the utmost precision and professionalism.

We know that even minor errors or omissions in your application can have significant consequences. That’s why we strictly adhere to the stringent guidelines set by the UK Home Office, leaving no room for mistakes. 

By choosing Tann Law, you can rest assured that we will minimise the risks and enhance your chances of a successful asylum claim.

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