Trust our experienced team to handle your divorce case with care, providing dependable support and proactive solutions.

What you Need to Know

With Tann Law Solicitors, simplify the divorce process while minimising emotional distress and maximising financial stability. Rely on us to effectively resolve financial issues and advocate for mediation as an efficient means of achieving a satisfactory resolution.

Can I Get A Divorce?

You can get divorced in England or Wales if all of the following are true:

  • You’ve been married for over a year
  • Your relationship has permanently broken down
  • Your marriage is legally recognised in the UK (including same-sex marriage)

What Happens During The Divorce Process?

If you applied for a divorce before 6th April 2022 then these facts will apply:

To establish this fact, the petitioner (party apply for divorce) must state one of the following:

✓ Adultery

✓ Desertion

✓ Two years’ separation with consent or five years’ separation

✓ Unreasonable behaviour

If the petitioner is filing for a divorce after the 6th of April 2022, then no reason for the divorce needs to be found, this is now known as the ‘no fault’ divorce. You can apply for a divorce online and pay the £593.00 fee to apply.

A petition will be ‘served’ to the Respondent (party responding to divorce request) Petitions are issued once divorce proceedings are declared, and respondents have seven days to return an ‘Acknowledgement of Service’.

Will Involving Lawyers Make Things Hostile?

We understand divorces involve varied sensitive components, including splitting family assets and may include violence. 

Our advisors will handle your case with care, giving you the most dependable support available. 

But remember, even though you will have to apply to the court to obtain a divorce, it’s unlikely you will have to go to court. Tann Law Solicitors aim to help minimise the emotional distress on all members involved.

How Long Will The Divorce Process Take?

To be eligible for a divorce, parties must have been married for one year, minimum. Generally, after this fact, it will take between five and eight months. However, the length of time depends on the particular case circumstances. This time-scale is advisory.


Choosing Tann Law Divorce Solicitors

We understand your need for closure while also acknowledging the significance of financial stability, particularly when children are involved. Our priority is to address your unique needs and provide proactive solutions.

We believe in taking the time necessary to make well-informed decisions, never rushing you into anything. 

Our team of dedicated financial solicitors treats every client with the utmost respect and diligence, recognising the importance of minimising unnecessary time and stress.

With our expertise in negotiation and extensive knowledge of various alternative dispute resolution methods, our divorce and finance solicitors are skilled at finding effective solutions. 

We are committed to fully resolving financial issues, fostering trust and encouraging compromise. In divorce and dissolution cases, conflicts over finances can exacerbate an already challenging situation. That’s why we firmly advocate for mediation as a highly effective means of reaching a satisfactory resolution.

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