Mirror Wills

We specialise in creating mirror wills. These wills, which reflect the wishes of each partner, provide clarity and control over their joint estate.

What you Need to Know

Mirror wills are legal documents created by couples who wish to make similar or identical provisions for the distribution of their assets and estate upon their passing. 

These wills essentially “mirror” each other, reflecting the wishes of each individual within the partnership. At Tann Law Solicitors, we specialise in crafting mirror wills that provide clarity and control over your joint estate.

Why Choose Mirror Wills?

Mirror wills are an ideal choice for couples, whether married or in a civil partnership, who want to ensure that their estate is distributed according to their shared wishes. 

Here are some key reasons to consider mirror wills:

Joint Planning: A mirror will allows you and your partner to plan together, ensuring that your assets are distributed as a cohesive unit. This can be particularly important if you jointly own property or other significant assets.

Protecting Each Other: Mirror wills typically include provisions to protect each partner if one should pass away. This can involve leaving assets to the surviving partner, appointing guardians for minor children, and more.

Avoiding Intestacy: Without valid wills in place, your estate may be subject to intestacy laws, which could distribute your assets differently than you intended. Mirror wills prevent this by clearly outlining your wishes.

Tax Efficiency: Proper estate planning within mirror wills can help minimise inheritance tax, potentially saving your beneficiaries money.

Funeral Wishes: Your mirror wills can include instructions for your funerals or memorial services, providing guidance to your loved ones during a difficult time.

The Mirror Wills Writing Process

Creating mirror wills involves several essential steps:

  1. You and your partner will meet with a dedicated Tann Law Will Solicitor to discuss your combined estate, assets, and specific wishes. This initial consultation helps your solicitor understand your joint needs.

  2. After gathering all necessary information, your solicitor will prepare a draft set of mirror wills that accurately reflect your intentions as a couple.

  3. You and your partner will have the opportunity to review the draft mirror wills, and any necessary adjustments will be made to ensure they align with your joint wishes.

  4. To be valid, mirror wills must be signed in compliance with legal requirements. Your solicitor will guide both of you through this process, ensuring all formalities are met.

  5. The original mirror wills should be stored in a secure location, such as a fire-proof safe at your solicitor’s office or another designated location. Copies should also be kept in an accessible place for your beneficiaries and executors.
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Choose Tann Law for Your Mirror Wills

We are proud to be a trusted law firm with a commitment to clients and legal expertise. 

When you choose us, you can expect personalised service tailored to your specific needs as a couple. We take the time to understand your joint wishes, assets and family circumstances. 

Our clear legal guidance ensures that both of you fully understand each stage of the mirror wills writing process. We are easily accessible and just one call away when you need us most. 

With extensive experience in will writing and estate planning, our solicitors ensure that your mirror wills are comprehensive and legally sound.

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