Workplace conflicts can be challenging to navigate. That’s why we often recommend turning to ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation, and Arbitration Service) as a valuable resource for resolving employment disputes.

What you Need to Know

ACAS is an independent public body in the United Kingdom that provides free and impartial advice to employees and employers on a wide range of employment-related matters. 

Their goal is to promote good employment practices, prevent disputes and facilitate the resolution of conflicts when they do arise.

How Can ACAS Help You?

Early Conciliation

One of ACAS’s primary functions is to offer early conciliation services. 

When you’re facing an employment dispute, whether it’s related to unfair dismissal, discrimination or other issues, ACAS can step in to help you resolve the matter before it escalates to an Employment Tribunal. 

Here’s how it works:

  • You or your employer initiates the early conciliation process by contacting ACAS.
  • ACAS assigns a conciliator to your case, who will act as a neutral third party.
  • The conciliator will work with both parties to explore potential solutions and reach an agreement.
  • The process is entirely voluntary, and either party can choose to end it at any time.
  • If an agreement is reached, it is legally binding, preventing the need for further legal action.

Advice and Guidance

ACAS offers a wealth of information and guidance on employment-related topics. Whether you’re an employer seeking advice on best practices, or an employee looking to understand your rights, ACAS provides:

  • Detailed guides and publications on various employment issues.
  • Templates for employment documents, such as disciplinary and grievance procedures.
  • Access to webinars and training resources to enhance your knowledge of employment law.
  • A helpline for individuals seeking specific advice and information.

Tann Law's Collaboration with ACAS

We often recommend our clients consider ACAS’s services as a first step in resolving workplace disputes. ACAS can provide valuable insights and facilitate discussions that may lead to a swift and amicable resolution.

Our team of experienced employment solicitors can work alongside ACAS to ensure your rights are protected throughout the process. 

We can assist in drafting and reviewing documents, attending conciliation meetings, and representing you in negotiations or Employment Tribunal proceedings if necessary.

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Why choose Tann Law?

Our team leverages extensive ACAS expertise to guide both employers and employees through employment disputes with compassion and clarity.   

We assist with every step of the early conciliation process, from initiation to exploring solutions to reaching legally binding agreements, all while minimising the need for further legal action.

Our goal is to safeguard your rights and interests throughout, providing tailored advice and representation so you can make informed decisions.

With us by your side explaining options in understandable terms, you don’t have to feel alone or overwhelmed. We support you with knowledge and resources so you can navigate workplace challenges with confidence, knowing our dedicated solicitors and ACAS are collaborating to protect your rights.

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