Statutory Declaration

As qualified Commissioners for Oaths, we specialise in preparing accurate statutory declarations that verify legitimacy, ensuring smooth legal continuity.

What You Need to Know

Statutory declarations serve as formal written statements declaring facts before solicitors when sworn affidavits or witnesses cannot suffice. 

Required across diverse situations like changes of name or nationality to marriage applications, strict legal requirements apply to ensure validity and compliance.

Let Tann Law Commissioners help you craft declarations that will be upheld without question. Our expertise gives you confidence during proceedings, knowing that everything is verified and legitimate.

Understanding Statutory Declarations

Statutory declarations require:

  • Identification of parties involved
  • Chronological accounts of pertinent facts/details
  • Physical signing of documents
  • Independent solicitor witnessing

It is typically required in situations where no other form of evidence, such as a witness or a sworn oath, is available or appropriate. 

Statutory declarations are governed by specific legal requirements and must be made in a prescribed form.

When Do You Need a Statutory Declaration?

Statutory declarations are required in a variety of legal and administrative contexts, including:

Change of Name: When changing your name legally, a statutory declaration may be needed to confirm your new name.

Marriage Abroad: Some foreign authorities may require a statutory declaration to confirm your eligibility for marriage.

Lost Documents: If important documents are lost, a statutory declaration may be used to provide a formal account of the loss.

Change of Nationality or Citizenship: When seeking a change of nationality or citizenship, a statutory declaration may be necessary to support your application.

Confirming Identity or Status: Statutory declarations can be used to confirm various personal details or circumstances.

How Statutory Declarations Work

The process of obtaining a statutory declaration at Tann Law Solicitors is straightforward:

Schedule an Appointment

Contact us to schedule an appointment for your statutory declaration. Be sure to bring any necessary documentation or information.

Meeting with a Solicitor

During your appointment, you will meet with a qualified solicitor who will carefully review the details of your declaration.

Drafting and Signing

We will assist you in drafting the statutory declaration to ensure its accuracy and completeness. Once it is finalised, you will sign the declaration in the presence of the solicitor.

Legal Validity

With the statutory declaration properly signed and witnessed, it becomes a legally valid document that can be used for its intended purpose.

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Why Choose Tann Law for Statutory Declarations?

Tann Law Solicitors is the trusted choice for statutory declaration services for several reasons. 

Our team includes qualified solicitors authorised to administer statutory declarations, ensuring accuracy and legal compliance. 

With our centrally located office in Coventry, as well as locations in Leamington Spa and Birmingham, accessing our services is convenient for individuals and businesses alike. 

With extensive experience in handling statutory declarations for various purposes, we guarantee that your declaration meets all legal requirements. We prioritise accuracy and compliance, taking great care to ensure your statutory declaration adheres to relevant laws and regulations.

Whether you need a statutory declaration for a name change, marriage abroad, lost documents or any other legal purpose, Tann Law Solicitors is here to deliver professional and reliable services. 

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