Resolving Workplace Disputes

We’re all about helping employers and employees resolve disputes fairly and in a way that works for everyone involved. 

What You Need to Know

Sometimes, friction can happen and can disrupt how organisations operate. But don’t worry, our services are here to help. 

We empower leadership, workforce and company culture with advice that helps re-establish cooperation. Our goal is to facilitate communication and find mutually beneficial solutions.

Our team consists of experienced professionals who specialise in workplace dynamics, communication strategies and conflict management. We understand that every dispute is unique and requires a tailored approach. That’s why we take the time to listen and understand each situation before providing guidance.

Common Types of Disputes with Employees

We specialise in helping both employers and employees navigate various types of disputes that can arise in the workplace. 

Here are some common types of disputes with employees:

Unfair Dismissal

One of the most frequent workplace disputes is related to allegations of unfair or wrongful termination of employment. We can assist both employers and employees in addressing and resolving these claims.


Discrimination claims can arise based on various protected characteristics such as age, race, gender, religion, disability and more. We provide guidance and representation to ensure that discrimination issues are handled appropriately and in compliance with the law.

Bullying and Harassment

Complaints of bullying, harassment or hostile work environments require careful handling. We work with employers and employees to address these concerns and create a safe and respectful workplace environment.

Contractual Disputes

Conflicts related to employment contracts, terms and conditions can lead to disputes. Our legal expertise can help parties resolve these contractual issues efficiently.

Pay and Benefits Disputes

Disagreements over wages, bonuses, overtime, or benefits can strain employer-employee relationships. We assist in resolving these disputes, ensuring that both parties’ rights are protected.


Employees may raise grievances related to various workplace issues. We provide support in addressing these grievances through appropriate channels and in accordance with legal requirements.


Issues concerning the fairness and legality of redundancy procedures may arise. Our team can offer guidance and legal representation to ensure that redundancy matters are handled fairly and lawfully.

Health and Safety Concerns

Workplace safety, accommodations for disabilities, and health-related matters are crucial. We help resolve disputes involving these concerns, ensuring that both employers and employees prioritise health and safety.

Unpaid Salary

Issues related to unpaid salaries can cause significant financial stress. Our legal support can help employees recover their rightful earnings.

No Holiday

Disputes over holiday entitlement and usage can be addressed through proper legal channels, ensuring that employees receive their entitled time off.

Maternity and Paternity Issues

Employees facing challenges related to maternity and paternity rights can turn to us for guidance and assistance in resolving these issues.


Disputes related to sickness absence, pay during illness, and return-to-work arrangements require careful handling. We provide legal expertise to address these concerns effectively.

Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying in the workplace is a distressing issue that can adversely affect employees’ mental health and the overall work atmosphere. It encompasses various forms of mistreatment, such as verbal abuse, intimidation, and exclusion, leading to a toxic work environment. 

We take workplace bullying seriously and provide support to address and prevent such behaviour. We offer guidance to both employers and employees on recognising, reporting, and effectively handling instances of bullying, ensuring a healthier and more respectful workplace for all.

Resolving Staff Conflicts

To resolve staff conflicts, we leverage:

  • Legal assessments weighing evidence
  • Workplace mediation and open dialogues
  • Robust legal representation if needed
  • Revised policy drafting preventing recurring issues
  • Management training on harmonious workforce relations
  • Compliance audits ensuring adherence to regulations

This opens up more choices for long-lasting agreements.

Effective Dispute Resolution

We specialise in effective dispute resolution methods to ensure a harmonious work environment. 

With our expertise, we can help you prevent legal action, boost employee morale and safeguard your organisation’s reputation.

Here’s how we can assist you:

  1. Open Communication: Foster open and honest dialogue between you and your employees. We believe that many disputes can be resolved through effective communication and mutual understanding.

  2. Internal Procedures: We will work with you to establish clear internal procedures for addressing disputes and grievances. Our goal is to ensure that your employees are aware of how to report concerns and what to expect during the resolution process.

  3. Mediation Services: Our experienced mediators can facilitate discussions and negotiations between the parties involved in the dispute. Through mediation, we aim to find common ground and reach mutually beneficial resolutions in a cost-effective manner.

  4. Legal Guidance: Seek our expert legal advice early in the process to understand your rights and responsibilities as an employer. We will provide you with the necessary legal guidance to make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of dispute resolution.
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Why Choose Tann Law Solicitors?

We are your trusted partner for resolving disputes with employees. 

Our experienced employment solicitors offer tailored services to meet your specific needs as an employer. 

With expert legal advice, comprehensive dispute resolution, strong representation, contract expertise, compliance assurance and training support, we prioritise amicable solutions while safeguarding your interests. 

Count on us for effective dispute resolution and a harmonious work environment.

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