Celebrating a Career Milestone: Congratulations Malalei!

I am delighted to share that I have officially accepted a training contract with Tann Law Solicitors commenced in April 2024. This is a significant milestone in my legal career journey and one I am immensely proud of. Reflecting on my time at Tann Law Solicitors thus far, having joined as a paralegal back in […]

Gearing Up For UK Law Changes: What You Need To Know

This year has already brought major shifts in the UK’s employment and immigration policies. For example, we’ve already started to see the effects of the new immigration policy implemented on the 11th of March stating that care workers are unable to bring dependents (such as children and partners) into the UK on their visas when […]

Demystifying the Immigration Appeals Process

The immigration process can understandably be intimidating.  The stakes can be high for applicants, whether they’re seeking asylum or trying to rejoin family in a new country. For those in these circumstances, having the status of their residency in the hands of the Home Office can be hard. However, there is always hope that the […]