Probate and Administration of Estates in Zimbabwe and Nigeria

Probate and Administration of Estates

Probate is the overall term used by most people to describe the legal procedures used to administer an estate after someone has died.

Our Solicitors provide a comprehensive, compassionate and stress-free service dealing with all aspects of an estate administration. We will complete the tax forms, apply for a grant, deal with the collection of assets pay the liabilities, prepare estate accounts and pay the beneficiaries, speedily and efficiently. If there are problems with Inheritance Tax, minor beneficiaries then we can help.

Tann Law have an exclusive arrangement with administrators of estates in Zimbabwe and Nigeria so we can offer a seamless service to people who have properties in those countries.

Powers of Attorney

Providing a complete service of appointment of Attorneys you trust. We offer a fixed fee for this service. Our experts take the stress of estate administration off your hands. Clear, fixed price.

Practicalities on death

We offer a bespoke service to cater for all the legal requirements for repatriation of a deceased to a foreign country. We will liaise with the embassy staff and funeral directors on your behalf. We offer a sympathetic and highly competent service during a distressing time.

Why do people instruct a solicitor in probate?

  • To ensure all your legal responsibilities are met
  • To preserve the wishes of the will
  • To provide security if the will is contested
  • To handle the paperwork so you can focus on what matters
  • To provide peace of mind and support in a difficult time