The Legal Geek Conference 2024

Earlier this month, Andrew attended a significant event: the UK Legal Geek Growth Conference. This event aims to aid SME law firms in introducing legal-related technological innovation in their practices.

This article will explore the importance of this event and what attending it could mean for the future of Tann Law. 

Andrew’s Experience at the Legal Geek Conference

Staying ahead of the curve requires both innovation and a willingness to adapt. 

Andrew, representing Tann Law, recently attended the Legal Geek Growth Conference in London on the 6th of June. Here, he had the opportunity to meet the latest tech providers, who gave on-site demos and short pitches on innovative tech solutions. He also had the opportunity to listen to enlightening talks from industry leaders such as The Law Society.

The conference was a hub for legal professionals, tech enthusiasts, and those invested in developing their businesses, all eager to explore the intersection of law and technology. Andrew was able to meet with many individuals and share alternative operation strategies and ways of thinking that will no doubt allow him to return to Tann Law feeling inspired. 

Why Legal Technology Matters

For legal professionals, understanding and adopting legal technology is no longer optional—it’s essential. The insights and connections gained at the Legal Geek Conference will help Andrew and Tann Law continue to thrive in an industry where technology is increasingly central to success.

By integrating advanced technologies, engaging in meaningful networking, and focusing on strategic business development, Tann Law aims to set a new standard for excellence in the legal field.

Join the Conversation.

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Stay tuned for more updates and insights. If you’re a legal professional and tech enthusiast, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the future of legal tech. Share your opinions and join the conversation!


The Legal Geek Conference provided Andrew and Tann Law with a wealth of knowledge and opportunities. By focusing on legal technology, networking, and business development, we’re well-positioned to continue our growth and innovation.

We look forward to attending similar events in the future – keep an eye out for future updates!

Want to learn more about Legal Geek? You can find more information about them and their events here.