International Day Of Happiness


To serve as a beacon of light, inspiration, and hope for all who aspire to live happy and fulfilling lives. 

We achieve this by selecting the official #InternationalDayOfHappiness annual theme and announcing the annual tradition: Ten Steps to Global Happiness. And by working to promote and advance:

  1. Happiness as a fundamental human right and goal for all
  2. Happiness as a universal aspiration in the lives of all
  3. Happiness as a way of living, being, and serving communities and society
  4. Happiness as a north star for individuals, communities, governments, and society.
  5. Happiness path toward achieving the sustainable development goals
  6. Happiness as a “new paradigm’ for human development
  7. Worldwide celebration of the international day of happiness that is democratic, diverse, organic, and inclusive

The United Nations\’ International Day of Happiness is March 20th. With our planet experiencing enormous difficulties, it is more critical than ever to prioritise one\’s well-being.

When we choose to serve others, we benefit, they benefit, and we establish a positive example of kindness that can spread throughout the world.

Methods of Assistance
Numerous crisis situations are unfolding throughout the world, including in Ukraine, Yemen, and Gaza.

Today, on International Day of Happiness, we are reminded that our actions matter and that each of us, wherever we are, can contribute to the creation of a more compassionate world.

Today, here are three ways to spread happiness:

Continue to spread concepts that foster peace, generosity, and understanding, both online and in person.

Connect with others.

Make contact with anyone you know who is experiencing a crisis and provide your care and support.

Donate directly.

Contribute to causes on the front lines of a crisis or volunteer to assist with local efforts.

Aid Ukraine
With the assistance of members of our community, we\’ve compiled a list of organisations where donations can make a significant difference in the awful situation in Ukraine:

Make a contribution to Ukraine\’s Defenders. The official channel through which the government provides material, medical, and logistical help to those defending themselves and their homeland:

Contribute to Medical Assistance in Ukraine. International Medical Corps provides medical, mental health, and security services on the ground:

Make a donation to help Ukrainian refugees. By contributing to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, you will assist DEC charities in providing food, housing, and healthcare to refugees and displaced families:

Contribute to the mental health of Ukrainian refugees. RTI creates tools and resources to assist refugees, humanitarian workers, and organisations in developing strategies for coping with stress, insecurity, and trauma:

Contribute to the welfare of children in Yemen\’s war-torn region. UNICEF is on the ground in Yemen, working 24 hours a day to protect children. They have aided in the distribution of approximately 3,000 tonnes of life-saving materials to over 4 million children, including therapeutic meals, safe drinking water, and health care items.

Contribute to Gaza\’s food and medical needs. Islamic Relief provides critical assistance to vulnerable individuals through contributions to the Gaza Relief Fund, which is dedicated to distributing food to those in the most need and meeting urgent health needs:

Contribute to the provision of food and medicine in Afghanistan. The DEC appeal for Afghanistan assists households unable to purchase food and healthcare providers who are unable to treat malnourished mothers and children due to a lack of medicine and supplies.

Visit to learn more about other parts of the world in need.