Understanding and Accessing Your E-Visa and UKVI Account

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As some of you may know, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has been developing a digital immigration system. One part of these developments is the creation of the e-visa: essentially, a digital record of your immigration status. These e-visas are a step towards streamlining the immigration process, making it easier for individuals to maintain and prove their legal status in the UK.

After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of what an e-visa is and the benefits of having one, how you can access your e-visa through your UKVI account, and how your UKVI account can be used to keep your details current and orginised. 

What is an E-Visa?

An e-visa is an online record containing all the important details about your immigration status and the conditions of your stay in the UK. The UKVI’s transition to a digital system will result in the replacement of biometric residence permits (BRP), biometric residence cards (BRC), passport endorsements, and vignette stickers with e-visas.

The shift to an e-visa carries several advantages. You cannot lose or steal e-visas, and the application process for an e-visa is more efficient than that of traditional visas.

You must continue to carry physical documents until the end of 2024

How do I Access my E-Visa?

To access your e-visa, you must create a UKVI account.

How you can go about creating a UKVI account depends on the type of physical document you currently possess:

  • Biometric Permit Holders: If you hold a biometric permit that is expected to expire on the 31st December 2024, you will be contacted by the government who will explain how you can create a UKVI account. You will be contacted before your permit expires.

  • Biometric Residence Card: If you have a biometric residence card and have been granted status under the EU settlement scheme, you should already have an e-visa. You will find details on how to access your e-visa in your grant letter or email. If you have not been granted status under the EU settlement scheme or become a British citizen, and hold a BRC, that BRC will no longer be valid, as the EU free movement law no longer applies to the UK

  • Other Physical Documents: If you possess indefinite leave to enter or remain in the UK (known as settlement) and you use an alternate document to prove your rights, such as a vignette sticker, you should make an NTL application. If this application is successful, you will receive a Biometric Permit. This, in turn, will allow you to create a UKVI account. 

What can I do on my UKVI Account?

Your UKVI account will be free to create and will allow you to manage your e-Visa. You will be able to view your visa type, expiry date, and conditions on your account.

You will be able to access your e-visa details, and also update your personal information and passport details. This ensures your records are current and will make traveling across borders a more efficient and stress-free process.

Additionally, you can generate share codes to prove your status to employers or landlords. This is a secure method that grants temporary access to your immigration information without requiring you to memorise any codes. 


The transition towards a digital immigration system promises enhanced security and ease of access regarding your immigration status. By taking the time to understand and manage your e-Visa and UKVI account, you will hopefully find yourself much more efficient when it comes to handling your visa documents. 

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