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Legal complaints and allegations about equality, diversity and discrimination can be extremely detrimental to your company. Our employment solicitors can assist you in implementing rules and resolving complaints to safeguard your firm against discrimination claims.

The Equality Act 2010 establishes nine protected characteristics, including age, ethnicity, pregnancy, and gender, that protect individuals from workplace discrimination.

Your business may face costly tribunal claims if some employees are discriminated against by your employees’ conduct, policy, or business practices. Our employment solicitors expertise can provide you with straightforward guidance on how to comply with your legal obligations as an employer.

We can assist you in planning ahead by implementing the appropriate policies and taking proactive efforts to address equality and diversity concerns before they develop. If they do, our staff will assist you in promptly managing and resolving any complaints or claims in order to minimise risk.

How Can I Prevent Issues of Equality in My Business?

The most common issues you may encounter are employee complaints regarding unequal treatment or unethical behaviour at work. These may include the following:
– Disparities in compensation, benefits or paid leave
– Bullying and harassment
– Language that is inappropriate
– Inappropriate physical contact
– A discriminatory hiring or promotion decision or process
– An arbitrary dismissal without adequate justification or a valid dismissal process.

Consistency in how you address these issues will ensure that your staff understand they are treated equally. Our solicitors at Tann Law can assist you in developing or modifying internal policies and guiding you through difficult situations and complaints. With a well-defined strategy in place, we can assist you in avoiding employment legal claims that could jeopardise your business and reputation.

When Does Equality Legislation Become Effective?

Employment discrimination laws apply to job applicants, current employees, departing employees, former employees, workers (including agency workers), and contractors. As an employer, manager, or human resources expert, you have particular responsibilities regarding the treatment of your employees. These obligations are outlined in the Equality Act 2010, and it is critical that you can demonstrate that your employees are treated equally in the event of a complaint or lawsuit.

Which Policies And Procedures Do I Need For My Business?

You should consider having policies in place for the following:
– Grievances
– Diversification and inclusivity
– Anti-harassment and/or anti-bullying measures
– Chances for equality
– Leave of absence for family members (maternity, paternity and adoption rights)
– Workplace flexibility
– Whistleblowing.

The most effective method of informing employees about these policies is through their employment contracts. Contracts allow you to specify how complaints and grievances will be handled and who employees should contact if they have a problem. Additionally, you can incorporate regulations, such as disciplinary and grievance policies, into your company’s intranet or employee handbook.

By implementing these standards, you can avoid legal action and provide peace of mind to your employees that complaints will be handled properly. We’ll consult with you to determine which policies are most appropriate for your organisation and its culture. We can analyse and update existing policies, as well as build new ones, to ensure compliance and the ability to deal effectively with future complaints or claims.

How Can Tann Law Solicitors Assist?

We can assist you in complying with equal opportunity legislation by:
– Conducting reviews, amending, or developing employment contracts, rules, and employee handbooks
– Assisting you with any issues or conflicts in order to reduce the possibility of a claim
– We provide training (to groups or individuals) and seminars throughout the United Kingdom to keep you informed about changes in discrimination law and unconscious bias.
– Facilitating the resolution of any disagreement through mediation
– Negotiating separations and settlements
– Representing you at an Employment Tribunal if you are the subject of a claim
– Assisting you throughout the legal claim procedure.

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Why Should We Choose Tann Law?

Within our own organisation, we value diversity and equality. We’ve worked with business owners, human resources specialists, and directors to develop policies that are compliant with applicable laws, train their employees, and manage difficult circumstances in order to safeguard the business from costly legal claims. Our solicitors have the competence to assist you immediately and to develop a long-term connection with you in order to provide guidance as needed.

We provide a choice of price options to fit your needs, including set rates, retainer arrangements, and pre-purchased bank of hours. We can assist you regardless of your location. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and the best course of action.

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